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Abdu'l-Bahá continued; "Marriage is a holy institution and much
encouraged in this blessed cause." Abdul-Baha in London.

"The marriage of the Bahais means that both man and woman must become spiritually and physically united, so that they may have eternal unity throughout all the divine worlds and improve the spiritual life of
each other. This is Bahai matrimony." Tablets of Abdul-Baha v2, 325.

"As to thy question concerning the husband and wife, the tie between
them and the children given to them by God: Know thou, verily, the
husband is one who hath sincerely turned unto God, is awakened by the
call of the Beauty of El-Baha and chanteth the verses of Oneness in
the great assemblies; the wife is a being who wisheth to be overflowing
with and seeketh after the attributes of God and His names; and the
tie between them is none other than the Word of God. Verily, it [the
Word of God] causeth the multitudes to assemble together and the
remote ones to be united. Thus the husband and wife are brought into
affinity, are united and harmonized, even as though they were one person. Through their mutual union, companionship and love great
results are produced in the world, both material and spiritual. The
spiritual result is the appearance of divine bounties. The material
result is the children who are born in the cradle of love of God, who
are nurtured by the breast of the knowledge of God, and who are
brought up in the bosom of the gift of God, and who are fostered in
the lap of the training of God. Such children are those of whom it was
said by Christ, "Verily, they are the children of the Kingdom!" Tablets of Abdul-Baha v3, 605.

"During the evening a young betrothed couple in the village, who had read some fo the Bahai books, begged permission to come to him. They entered shyly, the man, led by the girl. Abdul-Baha rose to greet them, and made them take a place in the circle. He talked earnestly to them upon the sacredness of marriage, the beauty of a real union, and the importance of the little child and its education. Before they left he blessed them, and touched their hair and foreheads with a Persian perfume." Abdul-Baha in London.